Light Weight Bike Lock from Litelok


There is a need for a light weight bike lock. With bike thefts being a massive problem everywhere, we’ve seen an interesting trend: as bikes get lighter, bike locks get heavier and heavier, in order to resist bolt cutters etc, to try to prevent bikes being stolen.

It was therefore interesting to see Litelok on Kickstarter, as they have designed a light weight bike lock which weighs less than 1 kg due to its innovative Boaflexicore composite material but is still rated as Sold Secure – Gold Standard, the highest UK rating for bike locks. Each lock comes with a couple of straps which can be used to fasten the lock to the bike’s cross-bar or frame, as per the image on the left.

Enough cyclists were interested in the concept, so the crowdfunding campaign was successful, and this light weight bike lock will be in production in early 2016. Hopefully having plenty of bike locks in use will do something to reduce the appalling level of bike thefts not just in the UK but internationally as well.

The reason for mentioning this now? This light weight bike lock is now available for pre-order on Litelok’s website.


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