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The fact that the word “lock” comes from the Old English “loc”, and is derived from the Germanic , which in turn came from the Norse “lok”, indicates that theft is not a new thing. But there are certainly new approaches to cutting down on theft, especially of bikes.

Hiplok only started four years ago but rapidly gained a name for themselves with their wearable locks, helping to get around the problem of how and where to carry your bike lock.

I have had two different bike locks which had a means of attaching them to the bike frame. Perhaps they were tested on bikes that didn’t come out of the shed that often, but neither of mine lasted more than a few months from the amount of riding that I did, before the retaining mechanism failed. I now either carry a lock in a bar bag or panier, which is fine on a touring ride,but not a suitable solution for a quick commute into the office or the shops.

For these reasons, I find Hiplok’s solutions eminently practical.

Their 2016 range includes the ultra-reflective “Superbright” collection, illustrated in the main photo, which makes it fairly obvious why the company chose that name! What a good idea, tohave that level of visibility in poor light through the highly reflective sleeve across the length of the chain lock, as an additional way of being seen. Like their other products, these are available in Gold, Original, or Lite specifications, which correspond to the levels of security required – and the difficulty for a bike thief to overcome the security.

Hiplok DX red ridingAlso new in the 2016 range is the DX which the company describes as their strongest D-lock ever. Once again, they take the approach of having a wearable design, in this case fitting on to a belt, bag strap or in a pocket. This model has an increased locking circumference and a 14mm hardened steel shackle lock with the highest “Gold Sold Secure” security rating.

There’s a variation on the DX, called the DXC, which includes a steel cable which clips neatly in to the “D” for the protection of saddles and accessories from the opportunist thief – a wonderful way to secure my wonderful Brooks saddle!

More information is available online and at loads of UK bike shops.




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