Long Distance Cycling “Sets Your Soul Free”


There’s a wonderful story that has just been told in the US based “Star Tribune

A lady called Lin Bruce, born in the evocative sounding town of Cheyenne in Wyoming was approaching her 60th birthday and wanted to break out. She had brought up 4 children, moving from place to place to follow her husband’s career path and watched her older sister celebrate her 60th birthday with “just” a meal with their mother. She yearned for something more.

She then saw an advert for WomanTours, promoting a bike tour from California to Florida for women over 50, and it started on her 60th birthday. “Oh, that’s it,” she is reported as thinking.

To prepare, she rode a stationary bike at home, without any advice or training plan. It sounds like she nearly ducked out, crying in a hotel room in San Diego before setting out. And it got worse: two weeks in, she really wondered what she was doing on a bike. The Star Tribune quotes her saying “Is this fun? I’m doing this for my birthday?”

Bruce, now 77, started to get used to the cycling and built up the muscle power and the stamina and has since toured various parts of the USA: the steamy South and the dewy Pacific Northwest — and even cycled a bit over herein the UK, too. She’s logged 18,000 miles, pedalling the Great Plains and hugging the coasts along the Great Lakes. She typically cycles around 50 miles a day with each leg lasting six to seven hours.

“It’s satisfying to get there at my own steam.”

Bruce is now a motivational speaker for audiences of mostly older, female Rotary Club members. Her mantra is simple:

Make the commitment. Power through. Find humour. Ask for help. Work with others.

A stranger recently overheard her discussing one of her trips and approached her. She said she was a survivor of a past trauma, and thanked Bruce for making her realize “it’s not over until it’s over.”  Isn’t that just a wonderful message to get out to existing and potential “silver cyclists”?

“If my story touches even one person with a sense of possibility, then I want to tell my story,” Bruce said, as she began to cry softly, the Star Tribune reports.


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