Look Who’s Bringing The Dinner


If you work in London and are mad about cycling, who would feature on your list of top people you would want to deliver your lunch?

I am well and truly jealous of 5 competition winners who got a surprise delivery from one of the people who would feature on my list of top cycling personalities I would love to meet (though would probably be speechless should it ever happen!).

With 4 Olympics golds under her belt and being the most successful female Olympian ever, Laura Kenny CBE is the perfect brand ambassador for Pod Food who describe themselves as healthy eating experts, with 24 shops across central London serving breakfast and lunch to eat in or take away.

On a personal note, when my wife was pregnant with each of our sons, we used to refer to her bump as her “pod”. I am not sure whether that is general terminology that others share, but the brand ambassadorship seems appropriate for that reason as well.

As Pod also delivers most of their orders on environmentally friendly cargo bikes, its affiliation with Laura is even more appropriate and she has been helping them to promote a healthy and active lifestyle to Pod’s aspirational customers, recently taking to the streets of London to deliver a free catering order of deliciously healthy Pod lunches to each of Pod’s 5 delivery competition winners and had a 15 minute meet and greet with each office team. Laura signed autographs, chatted and had her picture taken with her fans.

Pod was founded in 2005 and has grown to 24 shops that serve breakfast and lunch to eat in or take away, all in central London. Additionally Pod has two delivery kitchens to service their catering business, which delivers to hundreds of offices every week for business meetings and events.

The delivery service offers a range of 25 platters for breakfast and lunch; plus cold drinks, treat boxes and snacks. Each platter serves 6 and the prices range from £20 – £30.


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