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200 years after Baron von Drais invented the forerunner of the bike, Glidecycle has a low impact exercise bike, or as they refer to it a “body unweighted running bicycle.

Promoting their low impact exercise bike for “running or walking again with injuries and chronic pain” rather than a pure bicycle alternative for cyclists, they also describe the product as a path back to a pain-free, healthy lifestyle. The great advantage is the “unweighted” running to get somebody back on their feet after, for example, an operation.

Thinking of the product as being not just an updated version – thought totally differently designed – of Baron von Drais’ “Laufmaschine” (“running machine”) but an adult version of the balance bike in so far as there are no pedals, it is evident that there is a clear market niche for this “non-bike”.

Rather than being supported on a cross bar and saddle, like the original Draisine, the Glidecycle has an arched support between front and rear wheels from which the rider – or runner – is supported. This lifts clients by the pelvis without placing any pressure on sensitive perineal tissues, or relying on constricting, uncomfortable and time-consuming harness systems. This is where the idea of this being unweighted running comes from. Simple strap adjustments and changing the incline or decline also affect the level of weight bearing support.

Testimonials for the Glidecycle Low Impact Exercise Bike

It is clear from comments made by users that this product has helped them back into exercise and to lose significant amounts of weight because of the way they are supported while getting exercise almost as a form of self-administered physiotherapy exercise.

One of the great, but less stressed, benefits of the glidecycle is that its users can use this low impact bike to exercise outdoors in the fresh air rather than indoors in a gym. While we don’t foresee large numbers of fit athletes using the product, it has to be good for the elderly and those returning from injury. The manufacturer also recommends it for pre-operative use so that prospective patients can build up strength prior to their operation. It certainly can provide for aerobic yet low impact exercise, though is likely to draw a certain amount of staring from bystanders who haven’t seen something quite like this go past them before.


  1. Hi Rich,
    Thanks for your article on our GlideCycle. It is a project that has been a great joy to so many of us. I have run with wheels on my own glider close to 18,000 miles now. At 65 with bad knees, that is a long way. You know, there are a lot of fit athletes out there…..but there are a lot more folks that just can’t run with the intensity the seek…but with a GlideCycle….most of them can!
    Thanks again, and I look forward to reading more of your blog.
    Also Sia, the online magazine just posted a video some folks might want to see:


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