Lycra Alternative for Men


Having mentioned yesterday one of the exhibitors at the Berlin Bike exhibition (the Berliner Fahrradschau, which took place back from the 20th – 22nd March), who designs, manufactures and sells water repellent clothing which can be worn by ladies both on and off the bike, it seemed only fair to look at something for male cyclists.

So what do you think of this dark grey jacket, made of 100% pure new felted wool with a Teflon coating? It has 100% polyester lining and padding, so it’s going to keep you warm, as well as pretty dry being water-resistant.

There are two large front pockets with zips and an outside breast pocket for your smartphone and separate headphone storage feature.

The suppliers explain their philosophy as follows: “We asked ourselves what special features a jacket needs to have as you move through the city on a bike, scooter, or whilst travelling on the subway (tube or metro). To avoid being left dripping in sweat or wet from the rain and still arrive in style, leaving a good impression. We developed these jackets for like minded people, for whom it is a matter of choice to choose onoo when they leave the house.””

If you want this jacket as something to wear while on and off the bike, be ready to spend €599. There are other, equally stylish clothes available from Onoo.


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