Magic Self Filling Water Bottle


Do you remember the fairy story that involved a magic table cloth? If you knew the right spell, the table would fill with food.

Well, this invention seems a bit like that: it’s a self-filling water bottle. If you are just out for a hour or two’s ride on a road bike, it’s probably not going to excite you, but if you are on a longer sportive or audax, touring, or on a mountain bike and wanting to keep your weight down, it could be just the thing.

Understandably, for something so unusual, there’s a Patent Pending for the product developed by industrial designer Kristof Retezár at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. His company FONTUS aims to be the world’s first product development company geared toward building self-filling water bottle systems. FONTUS currently comes in 2 variations, The FONTUS AIRO which is a self-contained, self-filling water bottle and the FONTUS RYDE which is a self-contained, self-filling bottle designed for bicycles. After months of international demand for the FONTUS products, the FONTUS team is now ready to offer the two different products at a special pre-order discount through the popular crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo. This project is endorsed by AWS, the Austrian federal promotional bank, which provided the initial financial backing, and by the IGNITE Agency located in Southern California, USA.

FONTUS has already won several design awards, such as the International Design Award (placing Gold and Silver in 2 different categories) and was a finalist for the James Dyson Award that selects inventions to inspire the next generation of design engineers.

“The technology uses the principles of condensation in order to extract humidity contained in the air and convert it into safe drinkable water,” Kristof Retezár said. Retezár hopes that the revolutionary new FONTUS will set your mind at ease and even save lives.

The FONTUS AIRO is a standalone unit perfect for adventurers and outdoor activities. The self-filling water bottle will work while hiking, sailing, climbing, camping, etc. It reduces the need for heavy water loads, plastic bottle waste or planning your trip around where to find the next river or gas station to fill up. The bottle works with a fan powered by solar energy that sucks air directly into the system. The humidity contained in the air is then condensed on a series of hydrophobic surfaces and stored as liquid drinking water. This water can then be re-mineralized by dissolving mineral capsules into it.

The FONTUS RYDE is an adaptation of the same technology designed especially for mountain and road bikers. The RYDE can be easily attached and detached from bicycles, to easily go from backpack to bicycle and from bicycle to backpack. You generate an air stream while riding which directly pushes air into the FONTUS system and creates a sustainable source of water.

FONTUS was originally conceived as a way to bring alternative, safe drinking water to regions where drought and unclean water are a major issue. Bicycles are the most widespread means of transportation in the world, especially in developing countries, and seemed to be the perfect vehicles to combine with the FONTUS invention.

FONTUS AIRO & RYDE is a revolutionary new way to acquire fresh water in regions of the world where groundwater is scarce and air humidity is high. Imagine it as a mobile water well for athletes, campers, or imagine providing a child with water for their day while riding to school. The possibilities for this technology are endless.

The FONTUS Team is successfully using crowdfunding (they are over 400% their funding target with amonth left to go) as an initial distribution system to raise funds in order to continue developing this innovative technology and prepare for mass production.

More information about FONTUS can also be found on their website.


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