Meccano & Lego meet IKEA


The IKEA hex key is all you need alongside this modern version of Meccano or Lego to assemble life sized “rides” with your child with the Infento kits that feature now on kickstarter, that is close on double its funding goal with another 25 days to go.

The pieces are bigger – much bigger! – than Meccano (are you showing your age remembering that?!) or Lego. They comes in kit packs. Like Lego, there are designs that you can follow to assemble a range of toys or vehicles with your child, or they can use their imagination to create their own designs from the modular parts.

I have to say that I find the components and the assembled products so much more attractive than some of the mass-produced plastic that is available for children. The multi-functional and adjustable parts will make a range of toys that suit children from just a couple of years old right up in to their teens and will give them a technical understanding of the designs. The designers claim that their concept will “empower your family to be makers rather than consumers”.

While I am not entirely sure of that, I do think that there are hours of enjoyment to be had both for children playing on their own, or for parents to enjoy assembling items with them.

Apparently, the starting point of the product goes back to 2010 when the co-founder was volunteering with a youth organisation where they organised a race for children using the “rides” they built themselves. Understandably, the kids had great fun being creative. The thought arose of having multi-functional, modular components available, and Infento was born. Now with 3 kits and 2 add-ons, 18 different out-of-the-book designs can be made, as well as limitless numbers of own creations. Given that the standard designs include a walker for infants to walk behind at one end of the age scale, and a recumbent trike for a teen at the other, the product is both durable and sustainable.


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