Mexxenger – A Cycling Messenger Bag


Following on from their successful crowdfunded launch of an innovative backpack, the young team of designers that make up PAIX in San Francisco has reimagined the humble messenger bag.

While several companies have taken the messenger bag from total simplicity of just one main space to have some individual pockets, the Mexxenger advances the state of the art with 3 interchangeable interiors and 15 separate compartments. It’s great if you have a need to for its isolated lap top sleeve and need to carry other work gear such as tablet, documents and pens, or perhaps camera and lenses, or want its waterproof lining for sweaty gym clothes.

Ready to be worn by commuting cyclists the Mexxenger is weatherproof with waterproof zips and is constructed from recycled materials including PET bottles, “repurposed” bike tyres, and windsurfer sails. It measures 35 x 45 x 10 cm and weighs 500g.

The bag incorporates useful technology with wireless charging. Located on the inside upper pouch, Mexxenger’s charging pad supports Qi enabled smartphones, and USB charging is also available. But that’s not all. To keep early-adopters happy the bag also features a smart badge which is managed by an app so that the badge serves as a clock, a bike light and turn indicator. It even provides an alarm if your bag should be distanced from your phone. This badge attaches to the bag using a magnet and the remote control can be simply fittedto your bike.

The company has plans to develop other badges with file storage for photos and other multimedia.

The product has just launched on Kickstarter and is expected to ship in November, at which time the new smart badges should also be developed.


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