Nalini Feature Adriano Malori


Recently appointed as “ambassador” of Nalini, Adriano Malori recounts recent events in his life in an emotional video powered by the Italian company and now available on Nalini Cyclewear’s official YouTube channel.

Having won Italian and UCI World Under-23 time trial championships, Malori had ridden for Lampre-Merida from August 2009 to the end of the 2013 season when he joined Movistar, winning the final time trial of the 2014 Vuelta a España.

Nalini is reckoned to be one of the most famous names in cycling sportswear. The brand’s path crosses that of Adriano Malori with cyclist and company both having a passion for cycling, though in Malori’s case that almost came to an end as a result of an awful crash in the Tour de San Luis in Argentina in January 2016 which almost cost him his life. As he was leading the peloton, his front wheel caught in a crack in the road and he flew over his handlebars, crashing head-first.  After announcing in August 2016 his planned return, he retired from professional cycling in July 2017.

Malori emerged from his injuries showing the heart and courage of a lion that never gives up. His passion eventually got him back on to the saddle while discovering himself as a new person with a different outlook.

Malori’s traumatic crash has had a happy ending, as illustrated in the Nalini video. Inspired by a boxing quotation from Mohammed Ali about the human capacity to get up after a fall, Malori details how he was struggling but was never seeking sympathy, just looking on the bright side of life.

Inside of a ring or out, ain’t nothing wrong with going down. It’s staying down that’s wrong. 

The Nalini video was filmed in the area around Traversetolo in the hills of Parma, where Malori was born and still lives, surrounded by friendship and esteem of his neighbours. Malori was also the subject of a Nalini photo shoot recently in the Lake Garda area, modeling the new items of Nalini’s SS19 collection.

Nalini embodies the history of cycling and I’m proud to wear their apparel”, Adriano explained.



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