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Five years after launching their high quality high priced rain capes, Cleverhood has started a modest fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to raise just €15,000 to bring out a lighter weight and lower priced version they call the Cleverlite.

Cycling capes remind me of cycling as a teenager, long before I had discovered anything to wear that wasn’t cotton or wool, apart from my yellow waxed cycling cape, which was easily fastened to the eyelets that used to be on the back of every bike saddle. Rapid to put on and pretty good at keeping all of you dry, the cape was in that era one of my few bike “accessories”.

You don’t see them much these days, so it comes as a bit of a surprise that a company wishes to expand their line to have different models – though it may help them to address a wider market, as their current models (see image to the left) retail for £165, even more than the Brooks model at £110. The new models will be $99 or in the £70 range and you can get a 30% discount if you back their Indiegogo campaign.

They look as though they might be a bit shorter than the previous model, butstill have the reflective features and the hood which looks as though it does a good job of keeping a lot of rain off glasses, if you are a wearer. Apart from the traditional yellow, there are several colours though I find a couple of them slightly dark for a dank, rainy UK day. Unlike my old waxed job, Cleverhood have some cunning thumb loops to help keep the cape over your arms and handlebars, and – depending on the positioning of them – this may also mean that the cape doesn’t cover up your front light. The cape comes in a handy mesh bag for storage.


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