New Folding Bike: Smaller, Bigger, Lighter, Safer


Helix is a Canadian designed and built folding bike with a titanium frame, which contributes to one of its key claims of being the lightest folding bike.

Somewhat unusually for a folding bike, it has 24” wheels, which makes it look more like a standard bike, rather than the stereotypical folding bike with small wheels. Despite this, the bike folds to the size of its wheels, or 23” x 26” x 9 ½” which is a very small size, which would go under your desk at work, be easy to carry on public transport, or fit into the boot of your car.

The wheel size and frame make the bike ride more like a conventional bike. The design used a patent pending spring loaded locking mechanism which pass through the fork and steerer tubes, with a further locking feature of a physical tube inside the fork and steerer tube that prevents the bike from unfolding while riding. This avoids the possibility of play from the unclamped sides or failure at the hinge plates and elevated stress at the weld joints in traditional folding bike designs.

The bike will be available with 3 different specs: a single speed; a 10 speed derailleur; and an 11-speed Alfine internal gear.

The stunning thing is that the 120,000 Canadian Dollar funding goal has been met and some: it stands at almost $1.3 million with 16 days left to go.


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