New Triathlon Product Promises Easier Transitions


Triathlonbox is a brand new concept from Leeds entrepreneur John-Paul Ashton, designed to help triathletes of all levels get better organised and save energy, before and during races and promises easier transitions.

Clever custom-built features inside the box keep all important bits of kit and clothing separate, easily accessible and safe, plus there’s a separate compartment for wet clothes and an optional lockable area for valuables.

It even doubles as a seat while waiting for the start of the race and – if you lay it on its side – a bike stand, meaning everything is neatly stored and out the way of other competitors.

Triathlonbox is easily and quickly frame mounted, without impacting on the bike’s manoeuvrability, so competitors can negotiate the often long and bumpy journey from the car to the start of the race without tiring.

Initially conceived and designed to gain an advantage over his more experienced (and slightly faster) brother, John Paul soon saw the potential for Triathlonbox to problem-solve the myriad quirks of preparation and transition:

There’s a surprisingly large number of items required for triathlon, and most ordinary sports bags aren’t up to the job. The inspiration for a purpose made, durable triathlon box grew from watching far too many competitors struggling with bags and juggling water bottles – and that was before the race had even started.

In fact it was following a less than edifying personal two mile journey in the wrong direction to retrieve a missing trainer that I went to the garage and got working on Triathlonbox.

With an impressive 57.5 litres of storage there is plenty of space for all transition essentials, including upright slots to hold water bottles and areas for towels, trainers and the largest helmet on the market. Up top come handy pouches for goggles, gels, swim caps and race info.

Available in six colours and with the ability to personalise your box for easy identification, Triathlonbox has already been well received by the industry and will be shipping in time for Christmas.

Triathlonbox is a great Idea.” Joe Friel, Endurance coach co-founder of the TrainingBible and

Design is well thought out and certainly appeals to a triathlete.” Triathlete Europe.

Established in 2014, Triathlonbox was launched in March 2015, by newlyweds Katherine & John-Paul Ashton, using British-only manufacturers. They are currently working with UKTI to design an export strategy to take this small British made product across the UK and into Europe.

The TriathlonBox


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