Off-Road E Bike Winner from Vintage Electric


What is it about retro looks combined with the latest technology that makes an off-road e bike a winner? Californian Vintage Electric seems to have the answer.

They have brought out an update to their Vintage Scrambler off-road e bike, which caught our eye previously.

The heart of the Scrambler S is its massively powerful lithium battery, enclosed in VE’s signature aluminium battery box: The 1,123-watt/hour unit is unrivalled in the electric bike market and can provide power with a range up to 75 miles on a full charge (in Street mode). Paired with a thumb-activated throttle and five levels of pedal assist, it’s mild when you need it, and wild when you want it; either way its custom-tuned, hub-mounted motor can power your adventure at speeds of up to 36 MPH (in optional race mode; for use on private property only).

“As a transportation company, Vintage Electric builds bikes that inspire riders and adventures, and our new Scrambler S is just waiting for the next adventure,” says Scott Brown, CEO of Vintage Electric. “Our typical consumer is often most interested in premium-quality products, has a passion for fun, and likes to arrive in style. Using a Vintage Electric bike for one’s transportation becomes a way of life, and with the ability of the new Scrambler S it is sure to over-deliver on all expectations.”

Though it borrows design cues from some of the most prestigious, collector-worthy motorcycles in the world, the Scrambler S is no garage queen – it excels on roads and thrives where the dirt and gravel start. Components like the robust dual-crown, inverted suspension fork and rugged Schwalbe knobby tires combine to provide excellent traction and the ability to smooth over any terrain. Powerful hydraulic-disc brakes keep things under control, while the regenerative rear brake simultaneously returns power to the battery. The rugged, hydroformed aluminium frame is dressed in intimidating matte black, and a mesh-protected, rally-ready yellow LED headlamp announces its formidable presence.

“Let’s not beat around the bush;” adds Brown. “the Vintage Electric Scrambler S is a wolf in wolf’s clothing. It looks like it can go like hell … and it goes as fast as it looks! It is our most capable bike and holds a special place in the Vintage Electric lineup.”

One possible downside of those attractive retro looks and the battery performance in this dramatic off-road e bike is the weight, coming in at 86lbs or 39kg. You wouldn’t want to have to pedal that home if you ran out of power, so it’s good that there is regenerative braking to help the battery last the advertised 40-75 miles in street mode. And you would get through several coffees while waiting the 3.5 hours to recharge – which is actually pretty quick for a 48v 23.4Ah (1123 Watt hours) battery.

Also with that weight, it’s good that the bike has hydraulic disc brakes – Promax Lucid ones.

Part of the retro look is the front light, which is a 5 ¾” 6v LED with mesh grill. There is a Supernova 6v LED as a rear light.

The US recommended retail is $6,995 or around £5200.

Vintage Electric Bikes – Scrambler S from Vintage Electric on Vimeo.


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