Olympia Enters The Cyclocross Arena


Cyclocross is demanding and so it is understandable that “cyclocrossers” are going to demand a lot from their bikes: with a mix of cross country and road racing, they need lightweight performance bikes that are rugged but which are not going to suffer in mud, sandy soil and dirt.

Italian bike manufacturer Olympia has now entered this market sector, which is very popular in Italy, France, Germany and other northern European countries including here in the UK, offering a model of bikes that is light, robust and rigid, designed specifically for cyclocross.

It’s called the EGO X. Its geometry has dimensions that are more compact compared to their traditional road bikes, but the central movement is higher to provide better clearance of obstacles, whereas the rear stay and the fork passage are wider in order let mud and track debris pass through without clogging.

The hydraulic disc brake offers safe braking in a wide range of conditions; in order to guarantee the lightness necessary, most of all in the stretches in which the bike is carried on your shoulders, it features a T800 carbon fiber monocoque frame.

Olympia offers the EGO X with a single group option, the renowned SRAM Force 1 x11 Disk, specifically conceived for this type of semi off-road use.

To complete the bike features, EGO X wheels specifies no-tube ZTR Crest rims with Miche 966 hubs. The fork is unicrown.

There is more information along with dealer addresses online at olympiacicli.it


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