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This takes me back: remember the old “dynamo lights”? Your pedalling provided your lighting, although things got rather dark when you stopped.

Here’s a modern take on the same concept, that you are producing energy through your legs and pedals and you might as well utilise the kinetic energy produced, with the unit designed to fit on the rear wheel of rim-brake bikes. There are two requirements, that there’s a minimum of 20mm of space between the rear dropout and hub flange (where the spokes mount) and secondly that the hub flange must be less than 3” in diameter. This means that it will work on large numbers of traditional, urban, performance and touring bikes (including those with mudguards and panniers).

Bikes with disc brakes may have the option of installing the device on the non disc side of the front wheel, provided that there is 20mm of space between the front dropout and the hub flange. This issue will be resolved with a next generation of product.

Ride your bike, charge your device, have power whenever and wherever you need it.

That’s the claim of Oakland, California, based Siva Cycle regarding their lightweight USB generator and removable battery pack, that was successfully funded on kickstarter back in 2013, getting $126,082 compared with their $85,000 target.

The Atom is locked in with the back wheel for anti-theft purposes. So, if your back wheel can’t be stolen (i.e. locked up with the bike when you’re not on it), then the Siva Cycle Atom is as well. The battery pack slides on and off, is secure while you ride, but easy to remove when you reach your destination and immediately ready to use to charge your phone, garmin, or whatever else.

It particularly appealed to me that the company doesn’t describe themselves as manufacturers of bike accessories, but as being in the distributed power generation business, with loads of geographically spread generation using the leg power of their clients for wonderfully green energy.


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