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I hate to think how long ago it was, that I had some geeky clip on sunglasses that went on to my normal set of specs; they were innovative in their day, because you could flip them up without having to take them off. I thought they were cool – the reactions of friends suggested otherwise!

But they really did serve a purpose. Light conditions can change while you are out and the pockets on my cycling jerseys are usually stuffed full. So it’s interesting to see that rh+ has brought out some extremely cool looking cycling glasses – which can be flipped up. Both lenses can be raised or lowered just using one finger on one lens.

rh+ has tested each new design solution in rigorous real-life race trials, which allowed rh+ to develop their previous Olympo model into Olympo AirX and prove how well ventilated they are. Trials continued with the help of the talented young members of the rh+ Polartec Fundación Alberto Contador, who gave plenty of feedback during the development phase and confirmed that the new features meet the real needs of cyclists in training and in races. In fact, Olympo AirX sportglasses are part of the complete race kit that rh+ has provided for the team as title sponsor. The team, created by Alberto Contador, is full of up-and-coming cyclists and provides the perfect testing ground for rh+ to trial and develop innovative high-performance products.

The glasses have a multi-fit bridge thanks to the titanium-beryllium material which is coated in hypoallergenic silicon, which means that you can either widen or tighten the pads that rest on the bridge of your nose, as well as adjust the distance between the glasses and your face. Another feature is the “sport grip extensible temples” which can be lengthened or shortened by 6 mm, so you can adapt the glasses to fi t your face perfectly. This gives the glasses incredible stability in all positions and conditions.

I think that many cyclists will be pleased to be able to choose between protection from the sun and wind or increased ventilation, which is especially useful on uphill climbs when lenses can fog up.

Striving for perfection is in the genetic code of rh+ who have been producing high-performance sportswear and accessories for over 15 years, just like athletes constantly seeking to perfect their performance. They are a fascinating combination of Italian flair in design blended with performance through the use of innovative materials.

rh+ is a Zero Industry s.r.l. brand, which develops and sells products divided into four business units: Apart from Cycling, they also produce products for Snow sports, as well as regular Eyewear and Urban. rh+ has an e-commerce site and a well-established international distribution network that covers 22 countries, from Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.


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