Recon Jet “Sports Eyewear”


Recon Instruments produce an innovative range of “wearable sports eyewear” with a built in computer with smartphone-class hardware, a comprehensive sensor suite, and extensive connectivity.

The result is that you get a small display visible, like a pilot’s “heads up display”, in front of the right eye, of key performance data such as speed/pace, distance, duration, ascent/descent, heart rate, cadence and power; this is thanks to the GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, Ant+ TM, and WiFi connectivity combined with the 3D accelerometer, 3D gyroscope, 3D magnetometer, pressure sensor and infrared sensor – all this in a tiny unit attached to the glasses! Somehow they even incorporate a point-of-view photo and video camera.

The device works on the Android system and be connected to a phone so you get information on incoming calls and text messages, again visible to the right eye.

The battery will run for about 4 hours on 1 charge.

You can read more on the Recon Jet website.


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