Revolver Bar Ends


The problem is that riders are hunched over the handlebars in only one or two riding positions which causes back, neck and shoulder pain even after a short ride,” says Mike Lane, inventor of Revolver Bar Ends. “So I came up with these bar ends which allow for different riding positions. This will hopefully help to alleviate a lot of that discomfort.

Traditional bar ends are bolted onto the handlebar and allow for only one hand position change. The Revolver bolts onto the handlebar in the exact same way, except that with a click of a trigger the bar end can rotate completely around the handlebar. These bar ends can then “lock” into different settings, which allows for various riding positions.

Lane says he initially came up with the idea years ago when he was a bike messenger in Portland, Oregon “I would ride for 8 hours a day and my neck and shoulders would be so sore at the end of the day. So I came up with this idea.” Only years later did Lane create a prototype of the concept.

Now that I have a prototype and know that the concept works, I want to see if people out there need it as much as I do. I figure the best way to do that is through crowdfunding. Not only is crowdfunding a great way to raise money for production, but it’s also the ultimate way to test the market before going any further with development.

What do you think? If you’re interested, the “revolver bar ends” are on Kickstarter. If you’re one of the first 24 to pledge backing of $59, you can get a pair.


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