Cycling Shoes – EKOÏ’s Strada Cristal Range Introduced

Cycling Shoes: EKOÏ Strada Cristal
Cycling Shoes: EKOÏ Strada Cristal

EKOÏ has introduced their latest road racing cycling shoes, the Strada Cristal.

These new road cycling shoes feature optimal power transfer, breathability, stiffness and comfort and offer a very attractive quality/price ratio.

Their fiberglass and polyamide composite sole is reinforced with a central beam to optimize stiffness. The upper portion is made in Lorica® for comfort, with side reinforcements providing support and Atop® dial closure-system allowing perfect adjustment.

The water repellent “diamond” finish avoids the coating getting wet with moisture while 8 vents, located under the sole of the cycling shoes, provide for optimal ventilation.

The Strada Cristal shoes are also light in weight, coming in at just 271g in size 40.

For a quality cycling shoe, the price of EUR129.99 or £115 ends up making EKOÏ’s Strada Cristal an ideal model for any demanding cyclist.



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