Route 66 Cycling Record Attempt


Award-winning British cyclist, coach and trainer, Pav Bryan is undertaking a comprehensive training programme to put him in the best shape for his World Record attempt this September – achieving the fastest cycle ride of America’s iconic route 66.

Pav, who last year spoke out about his battle with mental health issues since childhood, will be attempting to cycle the 2,500 miles across the country along Route 66 – from Los Angeles to Chicago – in under 11 days.

The award-winning coach suffered for years with bi-polar disorder alongside addiction and in 2011 he realised something had to change. He worked hard to turn his life around through nutrition, exercise, relaxation techniques and with the support of those around him managed to make big changes in his life.

Pav went on to start Direct Power Coaching and is now attempting to break the world record in support of two mental health charities – MIND and NAMI. He wants to raise awareness, for men especially, that they don’t need to suffer in silence with mental health.

The World Record attempt, this September 2018, will follow the original 2500 miles of the road network as closely as possible, using the official Bicycle Route 66.

Previous attempts to set records on traversing Route 66 have been made, for example by Danielle Giordano, who rode a similar route in Sept/Oct 2016, taking 23 days but this was never registered as a record. There was also a Route 66 Bike Race, sadly cancelled midway through, where riders reportedly finished in around 12 days but once again no official record was registered.

Pav will have a full support crew alongside him and publicity events are planned in each major city as part of the charitable fund racing alongside this mammoth challenge to cycle so far in so few days.

You can follow Pav’s training and the ride itself on Twitter, Facebook or his website and donations for these two mental health charities will no doubt be welcomed.


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