Paul Simon once sung of “diamonds on the soles of her shoes”: here we have lights that glisten like diamonds on the top of your hands.

As you can guess by the name “runlights”, these gloves have come from running, but could be very useful for cycling in the dark with their 135 degree beam. Not just for additional visibility while indicating a turn, but also as additional lighting as you cycle, providing an arc of light for around 5metres. The lights can be set for either 40 or 80 lumens and are very visible, particularly with hand movement.

While they don’t have the full palm padding of “normal” cycling gloves, the 48 hour bright LED lights on the top of the glove give not just great visibility so you can be seen, but also help light up your way. Somewhat unusual in a cycling context, but ideal for walking and running, there’s a palm pocket for storage – you probably wouldn’t want to be using it for hours on end while cycling, but how often do you cycle for hours at a time in the dark? (OK, OK, I know there are a number of night rides such as the Dunwich Dynamo etc!) There are half finger and full length fleece versions available for winter use, in a range of colours, and different sizes. The half finger ones come it at $34.99 and the full finger slightly higher at $39.99.

The battery is easily detached for USB charging with a USB lead included, and you could also carry a spare in your kit.

If you are unfortunate enough to have a puncture in the dark, having lights on your hands is going to be pretty useful; there are other occasions, like trying to unlock the garage door in the dark, or putting up your tent if you arrive late.


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