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National crime statistics recorded 83,415 bike thefts here in the UK in 2015. While there is “good news” that this figure was down from 2014’s 90,023, this figure hides two things: firstly, not all bike thefts are reported and so aren’t recorded, and, secondly, it doesn’t show the equally desperately upsetting discovery that items have been stolen off a parked bike.

How often have you passed a bike stand in a town and seen a bike frame securely locked to it, but with wheels, saddles, or something else missing?

The great thing, for example, about my Brooks saddle is just how wonderful it is. And the awful thing about my Brooks saddle is how wonderful it is, as this makes it eminently “thievable”.

So I was delighted to get the details of this great little invention through from Marcus Tonndorf, the CEO of Hexlox in Berlin. In literally just a few seconds you can turn any bolt on any bike into a security bolt. He confirmed my thoughts when he said “In the past, it has been difficult, inconvenient and impossible to properly protect your saddle, wheels and other components from theft”.

The Hexlox works by simply inserting it into an already existing bolt on a bike, thereby blocking the insertion of a standard tool and has ultimately secured the part of the bike that the bolt is holding. To remove the Hexlox just use your unique and personal key. It’s that simple.

The lock has been tested against all standard theft attacks and has even undergone a serious opening attempt by a member of the Berlin Lockpicking Society (do its members publicise their membership of this remarkable club?!). It remained safe and unopened.

Hexlox comes in all standard sizes to fit all bolts on any type of bike. Not surprisingly, this great little product was awarded Product of the Show by one of Germanys largest online bicycle components retail companies at the Taipei Cycle Show 2016.

Hexlox is a Berlin based innovation company focusing on solving challenges within the bicycle industry. The core team consists of Australian long time inventor Ian Berrell and Swedish serial entrepreneur and investor Marcus Tonndorf. Their Kickstarter Campaign page went live today. I know that I will be backing them – I just love my Brooks saddle I don’t want to lose it! (And the bike’s wheels are pretty important to getting home too … )



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