Sharpest Knife on a Bike


With the awful rash of knife crime going on, I probably ought not to say that I often carry a knife on a bike.

Let me explain – quickly, before you phone the police!

Years ago in my Boy Scout days, I passed my “hand axe and knife” badge; I also learned the “Be Prepared” motto.

So part of my planning and gearing up for a bike tour is to carry a Swiss Army knife, in part for the various tools included, but also because there are times when a knife comes in useful. And a bottle opener and cork screw – though I haven’t removed stones from horses’ hooves just yet.

One of my pet hates, particularly when I indulge my other hobby which is cooking, is a blunt knife. Over the years I have tried various knife sharpeners and I’m delighted to now have found the best one I have ever had.

It goes by the name “Any Sharp”. There is a suction cup device on the bottom of it. Simply move a small lever forwards and the suction cup adheres securely to a work surface. You then just need to pull the knife blade forwards in a V-shaped slot. It only needs 3 or 4 of these gentle movements to be really sharp. You can see as well that it has ground the blade to sharpness as a tiny amount of metal small metal shavings are apparent – obviously, to turn a blunt blade to a sharp one involves removing some of the rounded edge and returning it to the pristine V-shape. So you ensure that you wipe the knife and the surface after sharpening.

So my Swiss Army knife isn’t just a knife on my bike, it’s the sharpest knife on a bike.

If you like being well equipped when working in the kitchen, or like me carry a pocket knife when cycle touring, then I really recommend this excellent sharpener for honing your blades. You can find them online at anysharp or in a number of retailers.

Now, if we could just find a way to stop the senseless waste of young lives through knife crime …



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