Should you get a used bike or a new one?


One of the toughest things for someone that wants to buy a bicycle is whether you need to opt for a new or used bike. Finding the right model for you will take a little bit of time, but here are some tips to help.

Age of the Used Bike

If you want a used bike, then you have to know its age. If the bicycle was used just for a little while, then it will be perfect for you. On the other hand, if the bike is old and it was abused quite a lot, then you really need to take your time till you find one that’s not as used. In the end, you can save a lot by buying a used bike, so be patient in your search.


It’s safe to say that pricing matters a lot when you get a new bike. We recommend you to pick a budget and stick with it. A new bike will cost a lot more than a used bike, so choose carefully. But then again, the new model might come with free accessories and offers of a free service after several months. Getting a new bike from a local bike dealer also helps to establish a relationship with a bike expert who is available for advice, support and servicing.

Adjustability and rideability

You want the bike to feel good while riding. This is why it can be a good idea to have a “bike fit” at your local cycle dealership. Sure, you can buy a bike online if you want, but it’s important to test out the bike you want to purchase beforehand. Getting a bike and finding out the hard way that it causes aches and pains after riding it for a while can be a very expensive mistake, wiping out any “savings” you make by being online.

Bike type

Some bikes are for road use, others for gravel and off-road , then you have mountain bikes and city bikes, as well as touring bikes. Each category has different features. Used bikes tend to be tried and tested but it is difficult to see at first glance how well they have been maintained. On the other hand, new bikes are a bit more glossy, just because they have never been out of the shop.


Can you find parts for the bike? Normally you should have no problem finding parts for a bike that’s newer. This is why buying a second-hand bicycle can be tricky. If it’s an older model, it might be hard to find some very specific parts. That being said, most bike parts are interchangeable between models, so this is not often an issue.

In the end, picking a bike is all about what you like and what you enjoy, and of course what you can afford! Whether you go with a new or a used bike, you can always obtain some really good results, and the outcome can be great. Sure, it will be a bit tricky to find exactly the right model if you are searching for a used bike, but the savings can be enormous. It’s definitely worth the effort, so you might as well want to give this a shot! And adding the cost of a bike service to a bargain used bike can still make it significantly less expensive than buying a new one.


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