Signposting the New Eurovelo Routes


A few days ago, I wrote about the 20th anniversary of EuroVelo, and then followed that up with the benefits of cycle tourism, and maps to show where EuroVelo Route 12 – the “North Sea Route” – passes through Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. In this area of the country, the EuroVelo route is following our national route 1 and I have yet to find a EuroVelo sign on display.

A range of venues, including theatres and football stadiums, have used fundraising schemes, where supporters can donate a brick.

Knowing how good cyclists can be at passing out a warning to fellow cyclists, for example of sand on the road, I wondered whether it would be possible to persuade the ECF (the European Cyclists Federation) to add a feature to the donations page to their website, where it would be possible to donate the cost of a EuroVelo route sign, maybe marked on the rear with the name of the donor. Why do we need to wait for local, regional, or national government or EU funding to help improve these routes further?

Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular way of funding projects and I for one would be pleased to donate a few pounds to see an extra sign or signs go up.

More signs would not only make navigation of the EuroVelo routes easier but also create greater awareness of them. We are lucky to have part of a route in our and neighbouring counties, so can have a taster ride. Who knows, that taster could turn into a tour of one or more countries along the EuroVelo routes.

This would also be in the cycling tradition: it was largely thanks to the work and funding of cyclists years ago that many of the UK’s roads weresurfaced. (See Carlton Reid’s book “Roads Were Not Built for Cars“).

Until and unless the ECF takes up the suggestion, you can support their work by buying an attractive EuroVelo Cycling shirt, at €90 a time (around £65).


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