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One of the things I love about cycling in countries like the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany, is the sheer number of people on bikes in “normal” clothing.

But this does seem to cause a problem for some, or two different companies are on the wrong track.

From the cycling city of Nantes in France comes “Le Poupoupidou” – a skirt “peg” for riding a bike, which uses a magnet to attach to the metalwork underneath a bike’s saddle, but which will detach from the saddle should the need arise, thus maintaining the safety of the rider. I saw this on the French KissBank crowdfunding site, where it reached its €8000 funding target in January of this year.

Then at the Berliner Fahrradschau in March a company called “AllThatIWant” – based in Cologne, Germany and Hawaii, added the “Skirt Garter”, shown in the main photo above.

Now, I’ve never worn a skirt or a kilt on a bike, so it’s not a problem I’ve experienced! But I guess there is an issue if a skirt rides up while on a bike, so I thought that this might be of interest to anybody who might want to ride a bike in a skirt (or kilt!) without showing too much leg.

The Skirt Garter is already on sale at just €9 and comes in blue, aqua and pink, whereas Le Poupoupidou will be available in a few days time at €12.


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