Sky Ride 2015 in Ipswich


The second major event of the Ipswich Cycling Weekend saw large numbers of cyclists fill the town centre and waterfront on this year’s SkyRide.

The previous day’s sunny weather held, albeit with a bit more wind and not quite so hot, making it a great day to be on a bike to enjoy that rare occurence where cyclists have precedence over motorised traffic. Unlike last year, there was no professional cycling event starting in the morning at the waterfront and finishing later in the afternoon at the same location, leading some of the people involved to wonder whether there might be as many families and occasional riders getting their bikes out as last year.

With a slightly changed route, it was difficult to get an exact feel for the numbers, but mid way through the 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. SkyRide, it looked as though numbers would be at least similar.

A number of the “usual faces” were around: Elmy’s providing not just advice and service, but also some bikes on rollers for a quick sprint competition, on the Cornhill in the centre of town; helped by a number of the guys from the Ipswich Cycle Club, one of the larger bike clubs in the area.

Reactions were mixed: some of the cars held up near the Novotel roundabout had disgruntled looking drivers. But views in the town amongst cyclists and pedestrians, who were also enjoying the car free period, were overwhelmingly enthusiastic. 



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