Smart Bike Parking Solutions on the Way


News from Taipei where the Velocity 2016 programme is under way. One of the conference sessions looked into parking solutions that are required if the planned increase in cycling’s modal share in cities around the world is to take place.

It’s not just a bike parking issue, but also a bike security one, with bike thefts being a major problem worldwide.

The conference looked at bike storage at docking stations for bike share schemes. A good Bike Share should combine ease of access, good dock design, safe locking and cleaning facilities, and if possible shelter and an easy to find design. Space for non Bike Share users should also be a consideration.

Tzu Yang Chiu, head of Taipei City Parking Management and Development, stated that Taipei is ambitiously targeting a cycling modal share of 12% by 2020, which means that bicycle parking has to take off at an early stage. The main idea for Taipei is to have cycling compete with motorbikes, and for cycling to have its own area for parking not mixed with motorbikes or scooters. “This will encourage cycling as well as improving the city appearance” concluded Yang Chiu.

Presenting the innovative Eco-Cycle underground and over ground parking solutions, Tsunenobu Nozaki from Giken said that “To clear away the clutter of bikes being left in public spaces, the solution is to build up and down into the ground!” This new structure takes the bike, numbers the bike and stores it in the most efficient and safe way possible. We featured their innovative parking solutions back in May of last year.

Martijn te Lintelo from Nijmegen public authority, the Dutch Cycling Embassy and Fietsberaad provided the Dutch perspective: cycle parking must be seen as an integral part of the journey, and as essential for intermodality with public transport. The first ingredient is to have an integrated mobility approach rather than just providing cycling facilities. Quality and well designed racks which deter theft should be seen as essential everywhere cycling is promoted as an everyday mode of transport: the Dutch experience demonstrates that good bike parking provides comfortable last mile delivery, links the bike to public transport and boosts retail sales with shopping by bike. We illustrated just how far advanced the Dutch are in terms of cycle parking when we wrote about their digital signs for bike parking in June 2015.



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