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Max Shojaie, CEO and Co-Founder of Nireeka bikes, got in touch to tell us about their smart ebike, which happens to be made of carbon, and he claims to be the most affordable ever.

Following hot on the heels of London-based Furosystem, who we wrote about in December and who did not succeed in their crowdfunding campaign but have gone ahead anyway, the initial question to Max was how confident are you that you are going to succeed?

The answer was pretty definite: Max, his brother and half-brother have blasted through their $35,000 goal and have $370,000 committed from over 500 backers, so more than 10 times their funding target. Max assured us that this means that deliveries by June of this year. Once again, I felt he was being optimistic, but hey, he floored me with the answer to the previous question!

So what are the differences between the Nireeka bike which exceeded its funding target and the Furosystems models that didn’t reach the line? Both are made predominantly from carbon, but the Nireeka model is a Smart Ebike, so perhaps the carbon is incidental? Maybe location in the much larger US market helps Max and his team, but the claim to be the “most affordable, the lightest and the smartest ebike” helps substantially. At under $1000 that is quite a modest price for a smart ebike.

Smart Ebike Features

Here are some of the features that Max was so proud of:

  • there is a blind-spot radar system (I wouldn’t mind a warning on some of the rural roads outside our town, but I would want to experience almost constant warnings in urban rush-hour traffic);
  • there is a heart-beat based power assist mode – I can just image that kicking in when I hit the hills without having to dial up more support!
  • Anti-theft and alarm system – not entirely unique, but great to have this added for that headline price of less than $1000 (though the EU version is temporarily $1159 on Indiegogo)! This includes built-in tracking with GPRS.
  • USB socket for charging your phone – again, not unique, but valuable.
  • Cube powerful front light and Cube 180° rear light
  • Hydraulic front and rear disk brakes
  • X-fusion shock absorber

So, Max, you did a good selling job on me. I’m impressed.

The bike comes in 250, 350 and 500W Bafang rear hub motor versions where (unfortunately perhaps) we in Europe will be restricted to the 250W model. In power assist mode, you can get up to 50 miles and full electric mode up to 40 miles range (but not available on the EU model) – the usual caveats about rider weight, terrain, even wind strength and direction no doubt apply.

Sensibly, as the smart ebike uses an App (available for Android and iOS), there is a smartphone holder incorporated. With the ECU you can navigate as well as view details such as mileage, trip distance, top speed, average speed, charge remaining, etc, and the unit is dust and waterproof.

The pre-preg carbon fiber monocoque frame comes in 17”, 19” and 21” sizes with 6062 aluminium imports. Interesting also is the claim of unlimited colour and vinyl options to customise your bike.

The frame itself weighs just 3lbs or 1.5kg, the LG Lithium-Ion 10.8Ah 36V standard battery 5lbs, with the total bike weight coming in at 35 lbs (or 15.8kg in real money). The battery is easily removable from the frame and can be fully charged in 6 hours or just 2.5 hours with a fast charger.

Nireeka Smart Ebike Details


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