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Bike to work – no sweat. Connect with public transport and fold your bike in seconds. Folding bike enthusiasts know the advantages of this establish means of getting around.

But the CMYK 4.0 adds a couple of things to the “normal” folding bike. First of all, it’s an e-bike, with a 250W motor that will give you up to 30 miles of assisted “pedelec” riding on one charge. Secondly, it’s a smart bike, with a whole range of features available via an app on your phone. Despite the motor and battery, the weight is just 12kg.

Utilising Blue-Tooth connectivity, your phone “talks” to the bike and acts as the micro-controller. There is a battery level monitor on the handlebars so you know how much power assistance you have left available for your journey. There’s a heart rate monitor, so you know how much power you personally have left! There’s a cadence sensor while you are pedalling, and an electronic lock to help protect the bike from theft along with motion sensor and alarm. Should it go missing, there’s an RFID tag (similar technology to an Oyster card) that can be read to identify the bike as being yours. And so you don’t go missing, there’s navigation available as part of the app.

Usefully, with power draining services on your smart phone, there’s a charging port to connect your phone to, that will keep your phone alive.

The company also offers accessories which include their own LED lights, both front and rear, a basket, and a storage cover.

The CMYK was successfully funded on Indiegogo reaching 154%of its target, raising $47,824, and will start shipping from Brooklyn, New York, in March 2016. There are 4 colours available: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black – as per the CMYK name.


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