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Motorised vehicles have dominated the urban delivery network to such an extent, that we tend to think of the cargobike as a modern phenomenon, as a response to the increasing problem of emissions and pollution in our towns and cities. And then I discover at Eurobike that Speedliner Mobility, based in Bad Camberg in the Taunus region of Germany, has produced conventional and electrically assisted transport and cargo bikes featuring 20-28 inch wheels and special charging and carrier systems for over 20 years. The company has supplied two and three-wheelers to major national and international postal service organisations, to operators of delivery vehicle fleets and to goods deliverers on the final mile.

They told me that Speedliner “vehicles” stand out thanks to their modularity and meet all the requirements for an ergonomic and safe workstation. They also have long-standing cooperations with some leading component manufacturers such as Heinzmann, who produce the Classic Drive, a proven solution on the market with a remarkable peak torque of 60 Nm. The reliability and power of this drive has helped Speedliner to establish their own good reputation over the years for its models fitted with e-drives.

The logistics of the ‘last mile’ in urban centres is moving away from motor vehicles with traditional combustion engines and taking great strides towards two and three-wheel vehicles with e-drives. Speedliner Mobility therefore believe that they are well-placed to exploit this trend.

The completely newly developed SP26e and e-Triliner® bikes were on display at Eurobike and available for test drives there; they features the Heinzmann motor as well as high-performance batteries that provide up to 20 Ah. The Speedliner SP26e two-wheeler is handles a total weight of up to 230 kg whereas the Triliner® three-wheeler is able to take as much as 300 kg and is the only bike on the scene to feature inductive charging.


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