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There is a new cycling hub online called SpokesTrade, where you can buy, sell, swap or give away just about anything related to cyclists and cycling.

Described as a space for cyclists, bike enthusiasts and everyone involved in the cycling trade and services the hub is a place to buy or sell bicycles and any cycling related equipment, books, art, crafts, antiques and even jewellery. There is a category for training courses, as well as for holidays and activities. SpokesTrade also facilitates rentals, swaps, donations and even sharing. There is a good selection of filters which allow you to narrow down the things you want to find, along with a quick search and maps.

It is one of the most user-friendly and affordable marketplaces in the UK, offering a free account to all its users. To go even further, SpokesTrade offers unlimited free listings, which are also regularly posted on the hub’s social network pages for further expanding traders online presence and ads impressions. SpokesTrade also offers to its users the option to connect their PayPal account and to be able to receive secure online payments, allowing trade on a bigger, national scale.

Ivan Sherov, the director of SpokesTrade says that they are “committed to be one of the friendliest and most affordable social marketplaces, to promote cycling and to encourage recycling, and are giving full freedom to all their valued users to decide whether they want to connect their PayPal account and receive online payments, or to go for offline, cash upon collection payment. Local bike shops could even set their exact location on the map, making it easy for cyclists who live locally to discover the shop and pop by in person.”

He went on to say that SpokesTrade’s mission is to provide a positive and safe online marketplace environment for all its members; to promote and encourage cycling as a means of transportation, exercise and socialising and to contribute to the economy and the environment by encouraging recycling and by reducing air pollution, congestion and ill health associated with carbon emissions and physical inactivity. One of its main objectives is to be associated with trust, security and integrity.

Ever since its launch earlier this year, SpokesTrade has seen rapid growth in terms of new members and listings, and Ivan says that enquires from all over the UK and even abroad are already a daily routine.

The marketplace welcomes individuals, businesses and local shops, charities as well as artists, craftsmen, training and service providers, tour operators and everyone who shares the love of cycling.

You can visit the SpokesTrade marketplace online.


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