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As a great believer in the bike as a means of transportation for all types of needs and requirements, I was intrigued to see this bike from Kemper in Erkelenz in Germany, which is surely the stretch limo of bikes.

Want to do the school run by bike but have two children who are not yet old enough to cycle by themselves? The PackMax Duo is the perfect solution. You could even add a Maxicosi to the front rack and take a 3rd child with you, or use the rack to transport shopping, school bags, etc.

The steel framed bike has Shimano Nexus 8 speed gears and Shimano roller brakes and comes with Schwalbe Marathon 47mm tyres. The length of the “stretch limo” is 2.05 m long and weighs 24kg. The standard price is €1290 but you can add a €255 upgrade and have a Brooks B67 saddle in black, brown or honey, and matching Brooks leather grips, as well as B&M lights and leather front and rear mudflaps.

More information is online and frame kits are available for a local dealer to assemble for you.


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