Suffolk Bike Thefts – April 2015 Update


The latest figures for reported bike thefts have just become available. April 2015 showed 92 bikes reported stolen in Suffolk, compared with 77 for the same month in the previous year.

That’s 15 more in a month, a 19.5% increase on April last year. This moves the number of reported bike thefts up to an annual 1244 bikes for the year ending April, up from 1124 for the year ending October, or a 10% rise in a 6 month period.

With total reported crime figures having dipped in April compared with March – 4994 and 5093 respectively – the effect is that bike theft has increased from 1.5% of all crime to 1.8%.

Nationally, 6914 bikes were reported stolen in April, bringing the total thefts for the year ending April 2015 to 89,010. With Mintel reporting that the average price of a bike in the UK is just £233, that nevertheless means that the value of stolen bikes is £20.7 million. There have however been reports of expensive bikes being stolen, possible with riders followed home for a targeted theft, which could mean that the value of stolen bikes is significantly higher.


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