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Suffolk Show started today and in this Suffolk Year of Cycling the show organisers had promoted being able to park your bike at the showground.

So I thought I’d cycle along and see what the bike park was like and what the uptake was. Arriving around 8:30 a.m. the show was underway but the peak arrival period for show visitors was yet to come. Getting there just before me, Lucy and Richard had cycled with their toddler from Rushmere in about 30 minutes and carried their fold-up stroller on a bike. Knowing what traffic leaving the show can be like at the end of the day, I imagine that they this biking family would get home at least as fast as a neighbour who went by car.

I was quite surprised to see several cycling related activities and stands at the show and had an enjoyable time at the show, which is on again tomorrow (Thursday 28th).

When I came out around 3:30pm I did a quick count and noted 75 bikes other than mine. I don’t know what proportion that is of the show traffic, but that is 76 of us that will be well exercised after cycling to and from the show and walking the many display stands and viewing the magnificent animals on display in the rings.

One note for the organisers, apart from congratulations on this initiative: the long bars were useful to be able to lock your bike to, but don’t accommodate that many bikes. Hopefully the number of people being prepared to cycle will grow, but it was interesting (as can be seen in the photo) that two people had already had to resort to fastening their bikes to a tree.


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