Sundried Bamboo Gloves for Cycling


Sundried is a relatively new name to me, but the sort you want to support because of their ethical position. So it was good to be able to take up their offer of trying out their Sundried Bamboo Gloves for cycling.

First of all, I have to make it clear that I change the types of gloves I wear at intervals during the year. In the more pleasant cycling months, I have regular fingerless gloves with the typical padded palms. But as Autumn approaches, I usually first add some silk gloves to wear under my fingerless gloves. Then, when it is really icy cold, I have some thick winter cycling gloves that cover the whole hand and keep my fingers very warm.

When you look at the Sundried bamboo gloves closely, you can just see through the “knitting” when the gloves are on. I was wondering whether this would allow cold air through or be more like the effect of the old string vest.

Sundried Bamboo Gloves in Use

A great positive feature of these bamboo gloves is the way that they are put together on the palm and underneath of the fingers. Unlike when wearing my silk gloves, you can happily operate the touch-screen of a smartphone and your Garmin GPS without having to take the gloves off. I was also happy to wear these gloves on their own without padded gel gloves on a 35-40 minute ride. I would, however, want the gel gloves for longer rides.

Also, riding one day at barely above freezing when it felt like -5°C, I had to switch to the full winter gloves I had taken along “just in case”.

Conclusions? Despite being a full finger glove, I wouldn’t wear these for long winter rides. However, I would wear them for shorter Autumn or Spring rides on their own, or underneath conventional padded gel cycling gloves.

Being made of bamboo, you also know that you are using sustainable materials.

Sundried are also offering some articles on their website to help people stay active over the colder months, and are also offering beginner guides ranging from skipping to triathlon.


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