Sustainable Developments in Rome


Dramatic sustainable developments in Rome, where the city authorities worked with different sports bodies to provide sustainable mobility.

When in Rome, Go Sustainable!

On the occasion of the Six Nations Rugby Championship, the city of Rome, Federugby (the Italian Rugby Federation), and Coni (the Italian National Olympic Committee) got together to collaborate on the Rome Mobility Services initiative.

Fans of Rugby are encouraged to reach the Olympic Stadium in Rome, where the two rugby games will take place, by bike. They will be able to leave their vehicles, free of charge, safely in the designated parking lot close-by, equipped with bicycle racks.

The venue can also be reachable via a cycle path clearly marked on the guide that was prepared for this occasion. This is the first example of a zero-impact guide (available in Italian and English) on how to reach the Olympic stadium, useful for citizens and tourists visiting Rome during sporting and cultural events, to make the stay more ecologically sustainable through the use of public transport and bicycles.

Sustainable Developments for Events

This great initiative for sustainable developments for sporting and other events demonstrates how cycling can be encouraged in everyday mobility. Cycling is also a great solution for special events, where numerous vehicles need to get to one place at the same time – which often results in extreme traffic congestion close to the venue and in peaks of pollution.

Motorised transport is one of the main culprits for poor air quality in urban centres, and air pollution is responsible for a mortality rate between five to ten times higher than road accidents, cities need to act now!  The ECF (European Cyclists’ Federation) is calling for governments and all of us to reconsider the way we approach air pollution and actively start searching for creative ways to promote sustainable developments in urban mobility.

To praise these fundamental efforts in the field of urban mobility, ECF’s member FIAB (Federazione Italiana Amici della Bicicletta) awarded the Cycling Mobility Quality Label to the Rome Mobility Services. This aims at rewarding event organisers who pay special attention to sustainable mobility by promoting cycling through the creation of park and ride, bike parking, notifications for visitors and informative material.



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