Sustrans welcomes a further funding boost for green transport in Wales


Sustrans Cymru welcomes the announcement made on 9 May 2019 by the Welsh Government that there will be an increase in active travel funding in Wales.

Sustrans welcomes further funding boost for green transport in Wales.

Sustrans have been calling for a long term investment plan in active travel and are pleased with today’s announcement as another step in the right direction. We have previously warned that Wales was underinvesting in walking and cycling, and compared the slow pace of progress in Wales against spending in Scotland where £16 per person per year is invested.

However, last year, Welsh Government announced an extra £60 million over three years to improve infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists – a move warmly welcomed by Sustrans.

Commenting on the announcement, Steve Brooks director of Sustrans Cymru said:

“Wales’ over-reliance on the car is damaging our health, harming our environment and hurting our economy. Sustrans is delighted to see further investment which will fix pavements, make crossings safer and build new cycle paths separated from traffic. 

“Whilst money is important, it’s not the only answer. We need to ensure that this additional investment is spent wisely. We know that when councils cut corners and roll out quick fixes, it’s pedestrians and cyclists who suffer. That’s why we welcome Lee Waters’ emphasis on funding quality schemes.”



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