Sustrans welcomes Clean Air Plan but faster action is needed


Sustrans responds to Welsh Government’s Clean Air Plan.

Following Welsh Government’s Clean Air Plan release, Sustrans Cymru Director, Steve Brooks says:

“The Clean Air Plan is a promising step towards cleaning up the air in which we breathe.

“We are pleased that sustainable places are at the heart of the plan and welcome infrastructure and service investment across Wales to support the reduction in air pollution.

“A modal shift from cars to more sustainable transport will go a long way to cleaning up our air. Sustrans is calling for a 20-minute neighbourhood planning principle for all cities and towns, where people live within a 20-minute walk of everyday services and are not reliant on the car.  

“It is disappointing to see our calls for a Clean Air Act will not be heard until the next assembly term, which in light of the climate emergency, may be too late.”



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