Taxi Drivers to “Respect Cyclists”


Knowing that London Taxi Drivers have brought about a judicial review of the cycling highways in London, arguing that cycling causes congestion, I couldn’t quite believe the press release saying that Taxi Drivers would respect cyclists and stay out of bike lanes.

No wonder: it was – somehow – a press release from the Toronto Taxi Alliance, who say that they have been listening to the public and this was one of their New Year’s Resolutions.

Do you think there’s any communications channel between Toronto and London? I hazard a guess that there isn’t, but there should be!

Sam Moini, spokesperson for the TTA, said “We have developed a 6 Point Plan to promote positive changes in the taxi industry. While public safety remains the taxi industry’s most important concern, our 6 Point Plan will focus on:

  • respecting cyclists and staying out of bike lanes.
  • accepting the first available customer regardless of where they are going;
  • providing cars which are clean inside and out;
  • maintaining a courteous, attentive attitude;
  • ensuring drivers’ cellphones are turned off while a customer is aboard;
  • readily accept all forms of payment – cash, credit card or debit;


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