Teko Cycling Socks


Professional skiing, physiology and fishing nets would not appear to have much in common but these strange ingredients have come together to create Teko cycling socks.

Gordon Fraser is an ex-professional skier who has been working in the field of biomechanics and physiology of the foot and ankle for over 25 years. His environmental instincts led to the energy requirements for the office and factory where he designs and produces Teko cycling socks coming from renewable sources. One green step beyond that was to use regenerated commercial fishing nets as a material for their road cycling socks which helps clear this debris from the oceans.

Teko offers not just one type of yarn but two which are perfect for different types of cycling.

For MTB the merino-sinergi yarn is ideal as it is warm, fast-drying and durable.  The combination of the Achilles Wrap System, the Ripple System, seamless toe seam and ergonomic heel pocket ensure excellent fit, comfort and performance.  Combine this with Teko’s award-winning eco-credentials and the mountain biker can enjoy wearing the best socks on the planet and the best socks for the planet.

For road cycling the needs are different.  Temperatures in summer are much higher and therefore feet produce more sweat. The demands on the sock to work harder are greater.  Teko’s innovative Evapor8 microfibre yarn made from regenerated commercial fishing nets is super-fast drying. Combine this with the technical features of the Achilles Wrap System, seamless toe and ergonomic heel pocket they will ensure excellent fit, comfort and performance. Gordon proudly claims that “Teko’s award-winning eco-credentials means the roadies can enjoy wearing the best socks on the planet and the best socks for the planet.”

I had a pair of these road cycling socks to try out and it was the first time I have ever seen socks marked for the left and right foot, so a quick follow up question went through to Teko who explained “Teko produce anatomically designed socks; because both feet are shaped completely differently, if you have a standard sock for both, there will be loose fitting areas. Teko socks are shaped for each foot allowing for a more precise, close fit, allowing for greater comfort and subsequent performance throughout.”

I tried the socks in some of the over 30°C weather we have been having. I wondered whether the man-made fibre would be warmer than cotton socks but the ultrafine Polyester Evapor8 microfibers are designed to wick moisture from the foot and dry it quicker. It’s a similar argument to the wearing of a cotton shirt when cycling: fine till you get hot, but then damp and clammy, compared with wicking fabrics.

At first glance, it seemed unusual in the Teko cycling socks to have small pads on the top of the socks, so yet another question to Teko, who patiently explained that the “Marathon sock has a full cushion under the whole foot and around the heel to provide comfort and the pads on the top are again for comfort and also for fit, which is a huge part of the design ethos of Teko socks”.

Certainly the socks are comfortable to wear and while my feet – like the rest of me in those temperatures – were hot, the wicking effect was a positive plus. If you’re looking for socks for cycling outside of the winter period, Teko cycling socks certainly come with a SpyCycle recommendation.


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