The £1 billion per Week Cycling Initiative


Here’s a cycling initiative that anybody concerned about health, obesity, and greenhouse gas emissions will want to succeed. And if you are a cyclist that believes in safety in numbers, there’s an additional reason to hope it’s successful, because Free2Cycle wants to try and get 7 million more people cycling.

They have prepared this cycling initiative in the hope of “unlocking” the estimated 7 million of those employees in Britain who do not currently cycle to work but potentially could and would benefit from doing so.

Eric G Craig, the CEO of Free2Cycle explained that “as an employer myself, I believe it is a priority to invest in your number one asset – healthier, happier and more productive staff. Sickness absence costs UK businesses an estimated £29 billion each year, a study published in Economic Evidence report for Workplace Health 2016 suggests. Improving health, well-being, and creating meaningful, sustainable environmental improvements are core founding principles of the Free2Cycle cycling initiative.”

Alongside the £29 billion just identified, there’s a further cost to our society and economy of inactivity and obesity of around £27 billion a year.

That’s £56 billion a year – over £1 billion a week!

Cycling 10km each way to work would save 1500kg of greenhouse gas emissions each year according to the Department of Transport & Main Roads in Australia. 7 million more people doing that in the UK would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10.5 million tons. Alongside that, there would be a significant drop in congestion and noise pollution.

Here’s a key reason why the cycling initiative could entice lots of potential cyclists: you pay for your bike by pedalling. That’s right. Employers contribute to the cost of the bike in monthly payments and in return reap a return of approximately £10 for every £1 they contribute. By providing bikes to employees and by encouraging as well as rewarding their progress of cycling to work, Free2Cycle hopes to inspire more people in Britain to adjust their lifestyle and become more active.

Bike manufacturers and dealers can also get involved and are probably salivating over a large number of additional bikes and cycling gear being sold.

You can more information about Free2Cycle online – as well as registering your interest there.


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