The Law is an Ass


“The Law is an Ass” is a known saying. We’re in need of a modification or a variation that says“This Canadian Law is an Ass”.

The “Life in Québec” website reported that a 63 year old cyclist was riding his bike down a bike path at 11:45 at night, when he was stopped by a police car coming down the bike path in the opposite direction, and was fined for riding a bike on a bike path because – and this really is almost impossible to believe – it is illegal there to ride a bike on a bike path between 11 at night and 5 the next morning.

If you are lucky enough to have bike paths and happen to be out when it is probably very dark (and possible close to when the street lights are going to be switched off), wouldn’t you think that the safest place for a cyclist would be on a bike path?

What on earth possessed law makers in Québec to pass a law of that level of idiocy? 


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