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There comes a time in every cyclist’s life that they feel the need a cycling challenge. Cycling is perfect for testing stamina and mental strength as there is very little equipment, it allows riders to travel vast distances in little time, and riders don’t have to be ultra-fit to complete their cycling challenge. Here on SpyCycle, we have already written about gruelling bike challenges that include the Etape Loch Ness, a 66-mile ride around the famous Loch. In this post, we look at three challenges you might be tempted to undertake and the celebrities who have completed them.

Cycling Challenge 1: 100 Miles/kilometers in a Day

Riding “a century” in a day is a rite of passage that all serious cyclists will attempt. 100 miles in a day is the most popular and sought-after cycling challenge because it is easily achievable with a bit of preparation and dedication. For those interested to attempt it, Cycling Weekly made a list of 5 tips to help riders complete the step up from 60 to 100 miles. They stress the importance of perfectly adjusting the bike for your body as any imperfections can turn into major problems over a long ride.

A 100 miles/km is often the distance used by cyclists to raise money for charity. Television star Ben Miller completed 100km last November to raise awareness for prostate cancer. He rode the distance over 10 hours on a tandem in honour of his father who had recently died from prostate cancer. As the month was November, Miller decided to ride a route in the shape of a Movember mustache.

Cycling Challenge 2: Wild Bets

If you need some motivation to complete a monstrous cycling challenge you could give yourself an incentive and put money on your ride. This is exactly what controversial Instagram star and professional poker player Dan Blizerian did. He wagered his private plane that he could cycle the 300 miles from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in less than 48 hours. GQ reported that Blizerian accomplished the challenge in 33 hours accompanied by a van that protected him from the wind and a police escort.

Dan Blizerian has achieved a certain level of notoriety for his wild lifestyle. He has become a celebrity among poker players who seek to emulate his lifestyle. With the developments in digital technology allowing players to play casino games online, more players can now emulate his lifestyle through their computers and phones. Indeed such is the realism of online gaming, digital casino simulator Slingo uses virtual dealers to create an extra level of realism, that players don’t need to leave their homes to get the full casino experience. While the casino can be digitally replicated, a cycling challenge can’t, and if you make a wild bet the only way to win is to hit the road.

Cycling Challenge 3: Coast to Coast

The only way to say that you have truly ridden across a country is to start at one end and cycle to the other. In the UK the cycle route from Whitehaven in the Lake District to Sunderland is one of the country’s most popular cycle challenge routes. The route is around 140 miles long and cuts through the Lake District and North Pennines.

Of course, the ultimate coast to coast ride is across the USA. The Transamerica trail is a distance of 4,262 miles and stretches from Yorktown, Virginia to the Pacific coast in Astoria, Oregon. The route goes through Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks and takes the average rider around three months to complete. We would like to see Dan Blizerian attempt that feat.

A coast to coast ride can be any length and one of the most famous is the Cape Town Cycle Tour. The route is a 109km circular loop that starts and finishes in the South African capital. Movie star Matt Damon completed the circular coast to coast trail on a tandem bike with his brother Kyle. The actor accomplished the bike tour while he was filming the Clint Eastwood film Invictus about the 1995 Rugby World Cup.


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