These 8 Tips Will Make Your Cycling Trip Unforgettable!


Intro on Cycling Equipment

Bicycle trips help relax your body and mind, allowing you to enjoy unexplored routes and live each moment to the max. However, they will also require new cycling equipment. After going through dozens of outdoor cycling gadgets and electronic reviews and numerous bike tips, here are our Top 8 cyclotourism recommendations:

  1. Plan Your Itinerary Carefully

This is not your usual walk in the park, and your indoor cycling equipment won’t cut it when you’re up against a journey of hundreds of kilometers or more. Especially if this is your first experience of the sort, and you do not have a very good physical form, start by planning simple routes. Buying an advanced GPS cycling computer is highly recommended.

  1. Research the Route
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Even if you choose the simplest and shortest way, the reality is not always what you read on paper. And the best cycling equipment in the world can’t get you past a crater.  So do your homework right, and research your route rigorously before taking off.


  1. Train in Advance

Physical condition and strength, although important, are not the mandatory training factors. Endurance is what counts the most, and it will suffice to engage in short pedaling sessions of 7-15 miles per hour, several times a week.

  1. Book Camping Early

After an entire day of travelling, you’ll need a rest, not just healthy and energizing nutrition. Think ahead of time and try to secure a roof over your head for each night of the trip. If there’s no available accommodation whatsoever, consider camping sites and make sure you pack adequate cycling equipment for this.

  1. Use a Proper Bike

If you’re just starting out, there’s no point in investing a lot of money in a highly advanced cycling terrain bike. You will travel the distances almost entirely by pedaling, so all you need is a proper long-distance bike with lightweight components and durable tires.

  1. Seek Optimal Balance Between Endurance and Weight
Seek Optimal Balance Between Endurance and Weight
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Your bike needs to have a resilient enough frame and tires, and lightweight components, but you have to make sure it can sustain your weight properly during cycling. When you test this, make sure to have all the cycling equipment on, so that you get a perfect balance between your weight and that of the bike.

  1. Ensure Maximum Comfort

It is crucial to be able to maintain a correct posture during the trip so that you don’t hurt your back. For this, you will need a highly comfortable bike seat and an easy gearshift. As well, you can adapt a mountain bike, changing the rugged terrain tires with lighter ones.

 8. Go for Pro Cycling Equipment

Nowadays, everything relies on technology. A pertinent GPS bike computer should be the first item on your pro cycling equipment list. But you won’t necessarily need the advanced things such as a skintight costume. Lightweight, breathable fabrics that provide comfort and freedom of movement are the next best choice. Add your bike backpack, gloves, and a sun hat, or, even better, helmet, and that’s about everything you need in matters of cycling equipment.


Cycling enthusiasts and practitioners know that bicycle vacations are not just an excellent alternative for discovering and visiting new places. Whoever chooses this means of travel will actually change their lifestyle and cycling equipment radically. We hope our recommendations saved you some time and gave some insight into what is the best cycling equipment out there. But let us know how your cycling went and, if you have any other great suggestions, please do share!

This 8 Tips Will Make Your Cycling Trip Unforgettable
Image: Pixabay

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