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What is it about boys’ toys that makes them appeal to the geek in me? I’m not a bike mechanic and am lazy and spoiled, so virtually always go to a local professional bike dealership to get servicing work done. But … it’s difficult to resist things that “I just need”!

Here’s what 3T have to say about their torque wrench that is especially for cyclists: “it’s a professional-standard torque wrench for cycle mechanics.”

“Compact and lightweight, it’s designed specifically for cycle applications. Its range of torque values is correct for cycle components and it comes with a set of 7 precision bits that cover every type of bolt or screw on a modern bike. The body of the 3T torque wrench is built of hard-anodized aluminium alloy, keeping the weight down to a record-breaking 169 g – less than half the weight of the heavy industrial workshop wrenches often used for bicycles. The kit, with all accessory bits, packs away into a robust, high-quality case, making it practical for use in the field.” (Like, I’m going to carry this on my bike!)

“The light weight of the tool makes it easy to reliably achieve low torque values. The torque range of 3–15 Nm is ideal for precision bicycle applications and ‘sensitive’ components. 3 Nm is low enough for small aluminum screws, such as used on some chainrings, while 15 Nm is enough for the burly M6 steel bolts used in some seatposts.” (And these are things I adjust several times each ride.)

“The torque wrench is very easy to use. First, set the maximum torque by rotating the knurled adjuster knob at the end of the handle. The scale in the handle displays the torque value in 0.5 Nm increments. Next, insert the bit that fits your bolt. Now turn the bolt – as soon as you reach the dialed-in torque setting, the tool gives a loud ‘click’ and ‘lets go’ with a 3-degree free movement.” (With my level of mechanical skill, it sounds as though I might just cope!)

“The 7 accessory bits in the kit let the mechanic make almost any adjustment on a modern bicycle. The included 70 mm long, 5 mm hex bit makes it a breeze to access the recessedclamp bolt of road-brake levers, a notoriously hard task without the right tool. All bits are manufactured from S2 special steel, with very high (62 Hrc) surface hardness assuring durability. The adjustment knob and bit-holder are made of steel. Torque tolerance is ±4%, according to UNI EN ISO 6789:2004 norm – we can supply you with a calibration certificate with SIT reference if you wish.”

“Precise, compact and built to last, Torque Wrench Team lets professional and home mechanics dial up the exact torque values they need, avoiding the hazardous scenario of over- or under-tightening that can cause component failures. Every bike enthusiast can easily and confidently carry out advanced adjustments and rebuilds. It’s 3T’s first offering in the cycle tool market and comes laser-etched with the famous 3T logo – a piece of equipment any cycle mechanic will be proud to own.”

I can’t justify owning one. But why do I feel myself so attracted to a piece of kit like this? Is it just bragging rights on a club ride?! If you too want to be able to brag, or if you really do use this type of tool (respect!), they’re available online.



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