TrackR Can Help Locate Your Bike


The Californian TrackR Bravo has hit the UK’s retail sector after doing well in the USA. It is now available at outlets such as John Lewis, Argos, Currys, and EE phone shops.

The TrackR uses Crowd GPS to continue to provide location details even when outside of Bluetooth range thanks to the principle of crowdsourcing, where local TrackR devices work like a ‘search party’ to help locate lost items in their immediate proximity.

The TrackR is smaller than a 50p piece.

Commenting on the launch, TrackR CEO, Chris Herbert, said: “We aredelighted to be launching in to the UK market at this special time of year. We know historically the Brits are very good at navigating themselves around the world. Our hunch though is that when it comes to losing keys, they are much the same as the rest of the world”.

The tiny device can either be taped into place or fastened with a key ring. As this would need to be out of sight on a bike, it would probably need to go underneath the saddle. There is a TrackR app available for Android and iPhone so you can track your “inventory”.

TrackR is a Santa Barbara, CA-based startup company founded in 2009 by Bluetooth pioneers Chris Herbert and Christian Smith, whose mission is “to completely automate the process of personal organization and item inventory”. The company was recentlylisted at number 155 of the 500 Fastest Growing companies in the USA.

The price is described by TrackR as “sub £25”.


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