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Just before Christmas, we mentioned the tiny TrackR device, which can be used to locate various personal items, ranging from pets to laptop bags, wallets – and even bikes.

The company has just announced several partnerships at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas, under their “Works with TrackR” program.

Hewlett-Packard – HP has created a special laptop bag that is designed with a discreet pocket for TrackR devices. To date, HP has produced over 1 million bags that are part of the Works with TrackR program.

Cross Pens – Cross Pens has leveraged its 125 year history of creating luxury pens with TrackR technology to create the Peerless 125 with TrackR, the luxury writing device you can never lose.

Mezzi – Mezzi has integrated the TrackR SDK into its mobile app to enable customers to recover their purses and luxury handbags from anywhere in the world. Available online at

Royce Leather – Royce Leather has worked with TrackR to create a trackable wallet that is already being sold in retail stores.

Keyport – Keyport has created a minimalist keyring tool for keeping all your keys in one place and has added TrackR technology to add a new level of security for their customers.

“We are incredibly excited about how quickly the Works with TrackR program has been adopted and can’t wait to announce more partners in the coming months” remarks TrackR founder and President, Christian Smith.

Now, I realise that none of these are particularly bike or cycling oriented, but I thought it worth mentioning them, as, if it’s possible to track a Cross Pen and hide the tracker in something that small, it bodes well for being able to get a TrackR into items such as a Garmin, or bike lights, or even a bike. Given the enormous number of bike thefts every year, let’s hope that day comes soon.


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