Turn Signal Gloves


Better visibility on a bike means better safety. That’s the standard argument and the reasoning behind Highway code rule 59, which says you “should” wear

  • “light-coloured or fluorescent clothing which helps other road users to see you in daylight and poor light”
  • “reflective clothing and/or accessories (belt, arm or ankle bands) in the dark.”

In that vein, the idea behind Zackees Turn Signal Gloves™ is a good one. Cycling gloves with leather palms, an absorbent towel around the thumb, retro-reflective trim and breathable spandex throughout: so far, so standard. The key difference is that there are some metal rivets between the thumb and index finger on each glove. Click them and LED lights activate, which show a “turn arrow”, so your glove becomes an “indicator”.

I confess to having mixed feelings here. On the one hand (no hand / glove pun intended or coming!) better visibility is good; and I am a technology geek. On the other, isn’t the problem for cyclists that motorised vehicle drivers just have to pay more attention to who else is on the road? Is each “SMIDSY” (Sorry mate, I didn’t see you) the fault of the cyclist for not being visible enough, or the fault of the driver, who is not paying sufficient attention while steering a potentially lethal weapon around our roads? Or sometimes, both are to blame.

Anyway, I don’t see that it is my job to tell my fellow cyclists what they do; but it is my hope to bring your attention to different cycling related items via these pages.

The gloves are available now on Zackees website in small, medium and large sizes and cost between US$55.25 and $65.00 per pair – so about £35-42 prior to postage and packaging charges (and possibly duty on arrival in the UK).

“You wait for a bus, then two come along”… Just minutes after preparing this item, along comes news of an alternative, a winter version in polyester that has LEDs on both front and rear of the index finger. Use Google Chrome to translate the German pages of GTC Germany. Their models cost €39.95 for summer and autumn models and €44.95 for the winter version. Each version is available in 6 different sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL).


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